That's That About That

The wrap film for our 2012 Haunt was a huge success. A well-rounded picture of how the Dunbar Haunted House runs is told from the point of view of our spookers, and our patrons. Enjoy this feature-length docu-comedy film!

Lots of Sauce

Our first mini documentary, this film dives into the entire production that is the Dunbar Haunted House. Learn a little bit about the people behind this haunt, and the amount of work that goes into scaring Vancouver. This film was created entirely from our 2011 haunt: Barbaric British Columbia.

Spooks from 2011

The film crew was busy filming as many spooks as they could capture during the 2011 haunt. View the reel of unedited spooks.

We are: The Dunbar Haunted House

Never been through our haunt? Here's a quick peak at what it's like going through our haunt.

Dance Out

The crew from the Dunbar Haunted House get down and jiggy with it, lip dub style. We also got the line up victims to join in. Were you waiting in line this night? Maybe you’ll see you!

Orientation Day

Here’s another sneak peak at what goes on behind the scenes of the Dunbar Haunted House to make the event run smoothly. All our volunteers get together for a pre-halloween orientation day to see what’s in store for this year’s haunt.

Kitchen Crew

Not many people realize the amount of work that goes into feeding all our volunteers. Our kitchen staff does an amazing job of feeding everyone with enormous amounts of delicious food which accommodates for all types of eaters. Here’s a little behind the scenes at the unspoken heroes of the Dunbar Haunted House.

Film Crew

A tip of the hat to our wonderful film crew from 2010. These guys shot the entire 17 day event, crawling into the most uncomfortable places to catch the public wee their pants with fright! Thanks guys!

Behind the Scenes

Gideon Flitt tells a bit of his family’s story throughout the haunted house ordeal. Starting in January, 2010, he recounts the events that went on throughout the first 6 months of this year.

Behind the Faces

Back in the day our dear friend Daniel, a film student at the time, took it upon himself to film the spectacle that was the Dunbar Haunted House. He, Gideon and Sakura filmed snippets here and there, and he cut this little piece for us. Thanks to Daniel, we got the idea to continue the tradition every year, and every year expanding our film crew!

Running Away

Another little piece by Daniel.


Interviews from the Dunbar Haunted House – 2008. Check out what local Vancouverites had to say after their experience through the Vancouver Dunbar Haunted House.

Funny Moments

The last little piece by Daniel.

Inside the Haunt

Take a peak at some of the footage from the Dunbar Haunted House 2008. We followed some Vancouverites through the Haunted House to see what was in store for them.